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TSE Tak Hei Leo FS2015-16, The Chinese University of Hong Kong | to Netherlands

During my exchange for the fall semester 2015 at Erasmus University Rotterdam, I took four courses offered by International Bachelor Communication and Media (IBCoM), namely Media and Politics, Corporate Communication, Cultural Influences on Communication and International Journalism.


All the courses of IBCoM adopt the problem-based learning system, which aims at training students to analyse and solve problems independently through emphasis on self-study. Before each lesson, we have to read around 20 pages of readings to understand the topics and case study of that week so as to prepare ourselves well for discussions during the class. During the lessons, interaction in class is highly recommended by lecturers. The lecturers encouraged us to think about the knowledge presented to us and to be critical of the course materials. I used to be a passive learner who accepts what is taught by the lecturers without thinking through the course materials deeply. The problem-based learning system has trained up my critical thinking skills and analytical skills. I will make good use of these skills in the rest of my study at CUHK and at work after graduation.


My favourite course in this semester is Media and Politics. The course mainly examines the close relationship between media and politics. One of the most important theories in the course is the Politics-Media-Politics Cycle (PMP Cycle) which states that when there are political changes in the society, the media will report those changes. But when media report these changes, the media will cause changes in the political environment too. Example of this cycle includes the Watergate Scandal in 1970s which led to the stepping down of President Richard Nixon at last. This shows the importance of journalists and media in monitoring the government and politicians in the society. This course has strengthened my goal of becoming a successful journalist in the future.


Thanks to the Victor and William Fung Foundation. Without this scholarship, I would not be able to experience the Dutch problem-based learning teaching method and train up my critical thinking skills. This scholarship enables me to broaden my knowledge and explore future career goal. I will make good use of what I have learnt in this exchange programme to serve the Fung Scholars community and Hong Kong society after graduation.