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Mark LOCK Yien Hao FS2008-09, Princeton University | to USA

Cultural impact

As a Chinese who was born in Malaysia and now have the opportunity to study in the Princeton University, the Li & Fung Scholarship has given me the new perspective in interacting with different people from different cultures. I got the chance to learn to work with people with different background.



The Scholarship is very valuable to young people. There are very few chances for young people to really develop their leadership skills and cultural exposure. This belief in young potential is the core of the Scholarship which is incredible for Fung Scholars’ self-development.


Global vision

During the Fung Scholars Leadership Conference 2010, I met people from London, Singapore and some people went to New Zealand. It is incredible to see so many people with different backgrounds. And this is the whole Scholarship is about a global economy, a global force and people from everywhere.