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CHUA Xing Ying FS2017-18, Singapore Manage University | from Singapore to Sweden

I am Chua Xing Ying, a third year studying Accountancy and have been on an exchange to Sweden, Lund in academic year 2017-18 Term 1. Studying overseas has been exciting as I have gained knowledge from various students and professors of international backgrounds. Overall, the journey has been enriching and has made me more aware of the various issues happening around the world. Coming from a family that is not well-to-do, this experience was only possible with the help of your generous support.


The discussions in classes have broadened my perspectives and allowed me to think deeper into some issues especially in the environmental and social aspects. Being an environmentally friendly country, Sweden has taught me how they managed to recycle 100% of their waste and convince their citizens to separate daily waste to 8 different components. Other aspects include no plastic bags given out for free to encourage bringing of non-disposable bags when shopping and cashless payments to reduce papers. Sweden being a Scandinavian country has a well-developed welfare system, and it has been interesting learning about it. During the exchange, I got to hear from locals about their willingness to pay for the high taxes due to the eventual benefits they will receive in the future. During my trip to Oslo, I was also able to help distribute some rice and grains to the homeless people around the area. The Fung Scholarship has made it possible for me to worry less about my finances and to learn more in the international classroom. With that, I am really grateful and appreciative of your support.


In school, I was involved in Patron’s Day – a day to commemorate Singapore Management University’s 18th Birthday. As a stage management helper, I have learnt much about managing an event from the planning stages to executing the event itself. The tough work during late night rehearsals were worth it as we saw the audiences enjoying themselves to the show put up for them. Moving forward, I hope to be able to lead the next team next year and to groom new juniors who are ready to contribute back to SMU for the various show productions.


The past semester has been full of new friendships and bonds being made and I hope to be able to continue participating in activities and classes that inspire me and enrich me. Thanks to Fung Scholarship, I can work on my studies and at the same time take the opportunities to serve others.


The rice that was eventually given out


On a hiking trip with various international students