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Sarah CHEUNG Wing Yin FS2010-11, The Hong Kong Institute of Education | to Australia

It is obvious that the life style of Australia is much better than that of Hong Kong. It was definitely a good chance for me to enjoy the school life during my exchange to Australia. People in Hong Kong do not know how to enjoy the life and how to relax. I learnt from my exchange about how to live a life which is less stressful and depressed.


During the exchange, I had more chance to communicate with different people. Everything was new to me, so I joined more activities, asked to know more, and learnt to enjoy my life. All these helped me to develop myself to be an all-rounded professional teacher, getting well-prepared to take any challenge in my future career.


In Australia, I needed to arrange everything by myself. It was a good experience for me. In the future, I will be a teacher and need to take care of hundreds of students. I need to be responsible and know how to make a wise decision. It is impossible for me to ask for suggestions from others all the time.


I believed that studying overseas definitely helped me to expose myself to a multi-cultural atmosphere. For instance, exchange students have the opportunities to explore different cultures which widen their horizons. Being an exchange student, I was more active by interacting with others and participating in different student activities. It was absolutely a good chance for me to get along with students who have different cultural practices. I think this is an excellent practice for me as teachers should be flexible as students always have different requests. Some people may have the chance to travel, but they cannot experience everything as the time is rather short.


Last but not the least, my host institute is really a beautiful school. Students can enjoy their university life. The staff of international office are helpful. If students have any problems, they can ask them for help. In addition, its housing is comprehensive. Students can choose their own quarters. I sincerely recommend my fellows to choose Flinders University!