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Sam KOK Man Chun FS2012-13, The Chinese University of Hong Kong | to Singapore

It is with gratitude that I write this note of thank you to Victor and William Fung Foundation. My name is KOK Man Chun Sam. I am proud to represent Chung Chi College to go to National University of Singapore for academic exchange in the last semester (2012-2013 Semester 1). I am a second year student in Social Science at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Although I have been there for one semester, the experience is truly rewarding. I have been studying Urban planning and Environmental Issues in Cities, which are my interest at university.


Studying one country’s urban planning system has important implications to what it is for Hong Kong. For example, the policies for development control, different incentives program to encourage environmental friendly design etc. Undoubtedly, the stimulus from Singapore’s planning system strengthens my desire to be an urban planner in Hong Kong. I hope that one day the same can be applied to Hong Kong to promote better environmental awareness.


I sincerely hope to take this chance to thank Victor and William Fung Foundation for granting me to go on an exchange trip to Singapore. Thanks to the generous sponsorship, I am able to explore a country which is always considered to be a competitor to Hong Kong. I am able to look deeply at what the country is and make a few comparisons with Hong Kong. Your generosity is appreciated and accepted with extreme honor.


A German exchange friend I have met in the school campus in the National University of Singapore. I did not expect to be friends with Europeans before BUT I made it! And he actually came to Hong Kong to meet me! The photo is showing that we were having meals in the famous Dim Sum shop ‘Tim Ho Wan’ in Mong Kok.


Meeting friends must be one of the most rewarding experience in the exchange trips. We were trying ‘prawn fishing’ with friends around the world, like from Taiwan, France, and Singapore as well!