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Queenie LEE Kwan Ling FS2010-11, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University | to Sweden

Before I joined the exchange program, Sweden was unfamiliar to me. Sweden is not a popular place where people always go travelling. Therefore, I would like to go there and know more about the country.


Although majority of the students are Swedish, there are many international students in my host school. It is a good chance for me to meet people from different countries with different culture.


During the exchange in Sweden, I had a car accident. I stayed in the hospital for a night. After that, I needed to help the police to investigate the accident and went to the hospital to handle the insurance and doctor’s reference letter. At the same time, I had to prepare for the exam. It was a hard time for me. I was not feeling well but I still needed to handle all the stuff by myself. This experience made me stronger and maturer.


Apart from attending lessons, I made use of my free time to travel around. I have been to 14 countries during the exchange period. It was a great experience and I have greatly broaden my horizon.


I find the exchange experience helps me to become more independent and mature. I faced all the challenges alone and make a lot of desicions. Besides, by making friends with other students, my communication skills have been improved.