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LEE Ying Ho FS2017-18, Singapore Manage University | from Singapore to Denmark

I am thankful for this scholarship as it allowed me to go for the exchange at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). I choose CBS as it is a world-famous business education institution that provides intriguing courses in business, accountancy and data science, all which I am very keen on learning. I applied for exchange scholarship as the financial support would enable me to participate in student activities which can at times be costly due to Denmark’s high cost of living. I am also encouraged to give back to the Fung Scholar community, particularly the new comers to the Fung Scholar community. Thus, I organized the Pre-Departure and Welcome Gathering for the new batch of Fung Scholars in Singapore on 13th January 2018.


I major in Accountancy at my home university but made a deliberate choice to in courses related to data science at CBS to (1) increase the breadth of my knowledge and (2) to keep myself relevant in the expected rise of data analytics at workplace. My first classes were intriguing as the professor shared about the uses of data analytics. I think that created a better learning culture, as the people attending classes seemed genuinely interested to learn. Compared to my home university, CBS had greater academic inclinations as exams were often just a 15 page research paper to be written on the course subject. Whereas my home university had more written exams, projects and mid-semester tests in comparison. This exposure was only obtained through the exchange supported financially by the scholarship.


Learning in a foreign environment allows me to appreciate the beauty of having a common language (English), as communication would be tough without that. Speaking with foreigners, especially those whose first language isn’t English made me realize how the “Singaporean accent” hindered my communication with others. I would then try deliberately to speak slowly and clearly so people can understand what I am saying.


Making international friends and connections was an exciting part of the exchange. We engaged in cultural activities I seldom partake, such as mooncake baking and moon appreciation on mid-autumn festival. I have attached a photo of the event with us taking a photo together with our mooncake creation.


In summary, the exchange has enriched myself with both knowledge, cross-cultural exposure. I am truly appreciative of the financial support provided by Victor and William Fung Foundation, and believe that this exchange scholarship will continue to enable students to develop themselves through an unforgettable exchange in a foreign land. After this experience, I am motivated to participate and organize activities for the Singapore chapter of Fung Scholars.



Photo of Fung Scholar Pre-Departure Gathering
Leftmost male on the left, last row


Photo of friends baking Mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival