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Hong Kong Streetathon 2019

Date: 13/01/2019
Time: All Day

About the Event

Written by Steven YIU (FS2015-16, Hong Kong Baptist University)


The Fung Scholars Hong Kong Chapter joined the Hong Kong Streetathon 2019 race on 13th January, 2019. The event was organised by a social enterprise named RunOurCity, with aims at helping people to enhance their physical health and providing help to the youth in Hong Kong. Another special signature of this race was – unlike other running races which would supply water and hydrated drinks – there were local foods, like cube beef, mouth-bite abalone, festive sweeten rice cake and so forth. This unique arrangement created a festive and enjoyable running experience to all participants.


All the participated Fung Scholars from Hong Kong Chapter joined the 8km race with joy. To show our creativity, we also dressed as ‘minion’! People may sometimes regard running as a sport to do alone. Yes, in terms of its nature, but I believe, doing a group running would always be cool. Keep improving, keep practicing and you will enjoy this exercise! Happy running!