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Hong Kong Chapter – Christmas Party 2018

Date: 22/12/2018
Time: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Location: Li & Fung office
Hong Kong

About the Event

Written by Ken FUNG (FS2016-17, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)




The party held on 22nd December was a wonderful occasion for celebration of our FS family. On that day, we decorated the Hive, the Fung Group office, welcomed new Fung Scholars, took innumerable pictures, enjoyed some icebreakers, moved our bodies with music, made our own Christmas trees, said wishes to each other before we exchanged some wonderful gifts. As short as it was planned, the party actually overran. Surprisingly, many FS did not go until staff told us to leave.




We saw FS beaming the moment they entered the venue, with gifts ready in their hands, kindly taking their attendance before they mingled next to the bright Christmas trees.


We saw FS talking excitedly to each other in the Bingo game, competing vigorously against each other in another game before dancing joyfully with over 50 FS in concert with coordinated moves.


We saw FS folding their Christmas trees, exchanging wishes, ideas, anticipations and stories before finally lining up gladly for the gift exchange. After gift exchange, every group beamed happily.


We saw memories being made, network formed, our community getting closer.