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Fung Scholars Online Sharing Session International series on 9&16 May

Date: 09/05/2020 - 16/05/2020
Time: 9:00 pm - 9:30 pm

About the Event

Fung Scholars are cordially invited to the Fung Scholars Online Sharing Sessions on 9 & 16 May:


– “Job Security” by Paulina Barszcz (FS15/16, University of Oxford)
Date&Time*: 9 May (Sat) 9pm (GMT+8, Beijing,Hong Kong)
Enrollment deadline: 8 May (Fri)
The COVID-19 has caused a great disruption on global economics and the International Labor Organization estimates as many as 25 million people could become unemployed. In this sharing session, Paulina Barszcz (FS115/16, University of Oxford) will share with you her experience in finding new job opportunities after furloughed and how to endure mentally.


– “Communication in the time of coronavirus & Book sharing: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” by Nikita Hayward (FS14/15, University of Oxford)
Date&Time*: 16 May (Sat) 9pm (GMT+8, Beijing, Hong Kong)
Enrollment deadline: 15 May (Fri)
In this sharing, Nikita will be speaking about the different apps and methods of communication that have been adopted, or have increased in popularity during the pandemic, according to different age groups in the UK. This will be based on anecdotal evidence and personal observation.
Also, she will share with us the book: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. This book had a profound impact on the way that Nikita thinks about human communication. She will share a bit about the context of the book, who wrote it (and why) and then will speak about the book’s impact and legacy, as well as her personal reflections.


Any questions, please feel free to contact Erin via  erinlili@fungfoundation.org