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Fung Scholars Leadership Conference 2021

Date: 30/10/2021 - 06/11/2021
Time: 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

About the Event

Launched in 2008, the annual Fung Scholars Leadership Conference is a platform for the Fung Scholars and Fellows from different regions and years to connect with each other, exchange ideas and to learn from renowned speakers their experience and insights.


For the first time, this year’s Leadership Conference will be led by our Fung Scholars. On 30 Oct and 06 Nov, join us at our Zoom conference to hear from a panel of Fung Scholars speakers and exchange your views and opinions on different issues:


Day 1 (30 Oct)

Concurrent sessions: Future of Work, Digital Economy, Globalization


Day 2 (6 Nov)

Concurrent sessions: Sustainability, Equality, Education & Life-long Learning, *Projects/Startups with Social Impact
It’s a session for Fung Scholars or Fung Fellows to share their Projects with social impact or Startups with social impact



GMT +8 GMT +1 GMT+9 GMT+6 GMT-4
HK, Mainland, Singapore UK Japan Bangladesh East Coast
8pm–10pm 1pm-3pm 9pm-11pm 6pm-8pm 8am-10am
**12nn-2pm (GMT)
on 6 Nov

*This event is open to Fung Scholars & Fellows only.




  1. Opening Remarks by Dr. Victor Fung (Day 1) and Mr. Spencer Fung (Day 2) 
  2. Li & Fung at China International Import Expo by Dr. Victor Fung (Day 2)
  3. Concurrent Breakout Sessions
    Participants will be grouped in the breakout sessions according to their indicated preference. In each breakout room, there will be Fung Scholars Discussion Leaders to coordinate the discussion. Sufficient time will allow everyone in the group to share their views and opinions. The Fung Scholar Group Representative will take record of the points and comments made in each breakout session for the group presentations that followed.
  4. Group Presentations
    Participants would reconvene in the Main Room after the breakout sessions. The Group Representative from each breakout room would be invited to give a 5-minute summary of the discussion taken place by providing a few key take-home messages. Other participants in each breakout room may supplement as time permits.
  5. Comments and Conclusion by invited guests



Dr. Victor K. Fung


Chairman, Victor and William Fung Foundation
Group Chairman, Fung Group


Dr. Fung is the Chairman of Victor and William Fung Foundation. He is also the Group Chairman of the Fung Group, a Hong Kong-based multinational group which comprises major operating groups engaging in sourcing, logistics, distribution and retailing.


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Mr. Spencer Fung


Director, Victor and William Fung Foundation
Group Executive Chairman, Li & Fung


Mr. Spencer Fung is a Director of the Victor and William Fung Foundation. He is also the Group Executive Chairman of Li & Fung. He is focused on leveraging the Company’s global network and uniting its ecosystem partners to drive transformation.


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Ms. Barbara Meynert


Director, Victor and William Fung Foundation
Senior Advisor, Fung Group


Ms. Barbara Meynert serves on the Board of the Victor and William Fung Foundation. She is Senior Advisor to the Fung Group and has been a long-time director and advisor to the Li & Fung Group and a number of subsidiary companies.


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Ms. Pamela Mar


Executive Vice President – Knowledge and Application, Fung Academy, Fung Group



Ms. Pamela Mar leads the Fung Academy’s knowledge generation, application, and dissemination in support of the Fung Group’s business success and readiness for the future. As such she directs the Academy’s research & development activities and experiments which form the base of the Group’s strategic response to key disruptions in its business operating environment, including technological change, the rise of sustainability, trade/geopolitical uncertainty and the changing nature of consumption.

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Dr. Lap-Chee TSUI


President, Victor and William Fung Foundation
Founding President, The Hong Kong Academy of Sciences


Dr. Lap-Chee Tsui is the President of Victor and William Fung Foundation. He is also the Founding President of the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences, and Director of Qiushi Academy for Advanced Studies and Master of the Residential College of International Campus, Zhejiang University, China, and University of Toronto’s Emeritus University Professor. He is the 14th Vice Chancellor of The University of Hong Kong and, prior to which, he was Geneticist-in-Chief at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and University Professor at University of Toronto, Canada.


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Mr. Kai-man WONG


Director, Victor and William Fung Foundation


Mr. Kai-man Wong is a Director of Victor and William Fung Foundation; past Non-Executive Director of the Securities and Futures Commission (2009-2015), Hong Kong; current member of the Financial Reporting Council, Hong Kong; past Court and Council Member of The University of Hong Kong (2010-2017); Council Member of the City University of Hong Kong (2007-2012) and Lingnan University (1999-2006). He was an Honorary Associate Professor, School of Business, The University of Hong Kong (2005 – January 2018). He is a past and current Independent Non-Executive Director of five listed companies and a retail bank in Hong Kong. Mr Wong also serves on the boards of several non-governmental organisations and has served on government advisory committees and statutory bodies in the areas of land, immigration, energy, law-enforcement, education and technology.


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